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our story

Our Founder, Hampton, is the visionary behind our luxury motor vehicle prop company! Born and raised in the charming city of Charleston, Hampton's story is one of passion, brotherhood, and a deep love for all things automotive. Growing up as one of three boys, Hampton grew up in a household that cherished camaraderie and taught the art of sharing. Being the middle child, he quickly learned the importance of compromise and the joy of experiencing life's adventures together.


Hampton's journey into the world of vehicles began at an early age, with a fascination that bloomed into a true passion. Inspired by his buddy's lifelong dream of participating in the Barrett-Jackson auction, Hampton embarked on an unforgettable adventure two years ago & has been adding toys to the collection each trip!

He has since launched Stono Reserve as a mission to bring the joy of luxury motor vehicle props to everyone. Join us as we celebrate Hampton's passion, his commitment to craftsmanship, and his desire to share the fun toys he loves with the world. 

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